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Going Green

We care so much about the environment and want to make sure you can recycle everything in the flatpack. Below are the contents of the flatpack and the solution you have to recycle. 

Outer Box

Recycle in the plastic and cardboard bin

Foil Envelope

Can be reused and perfect for insulation, otherwise recycle in the plastic and cardboard bin

Ice Pack

These are fantastic, gel based ice packs can last hours without losing temperature. Reuse as many times as possible! 

Green Fingers?

You can open the gel pack, let the inside dry and mix the gel crystals with soil for additional water storage for your plants and compost! 

Amelie Yellow Box and inner insert 

Can be reused for storage. We have had many children use the box as the base for their cardboard van (and use the food pots as wheels!). Alternatively, recycle in the plastic and cardboard bin.

Food Pots

These pots are biodegradable so please pop them into your compost bin, or the general waste bin. You can reuse them but don't put under heat! 

Biodegradable pots are in short supply due to Covid, we do our best to supply them however occasionally we use recyclable plastic pots instead. These are easily distinguishable as they have no markings on their lids and the biodegradable pots have "Vegware" written on top