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The Story

If you have ever been to Alsace, or certain regions of France and Germany, you will have most likely seen Flamkuche on the menu. A delectable flatbread, so thin it cracks lightly in your mouth. Layered with generous amounts of fresh toppings that burst with flavour on every bite!

Although Flamkuche has found popularity overseas, the UK has never really had the chance to savour it… until now! Father and son extraordinaire Alex & Regis Crepy have set it as their ultimate goal to bring the Skinny Pizza to the UK and to make Amelie Flamkuche a household name! 

Their journey began whilst travelling across Alsace on route to Alex’s university in Switzerland (incidentally, the same university where his parents studied and met 30 years previously). Each and every stopover had to begin and end with Flamkuche, accompanied by a generous serving of wine.

Since 2020 Amelie have been delivering nationwide, their meal kits have been found in the four corners of the UK and the adventure continues! Should you wish to visit the restaurant website, click here!